Behind a Veil

Has your world fallen apart
Or is this your work of art
Are you scrambling on your knees
Or is there something down there you should see

When you can’t run away no more
Is there still one final door
Which hides an unseen room
Where the devil and his dogs
Or the angels wait for you

The beauty lives behind a veil
In every trick you try and every trial you fail
When you pray to find a way and you exhale
The beauty lives behind a veil

Like the child you never were
Are you shaking and unsure
How to do this strange new dance
Where fallin’ on your face
Means giving it a chance


And you step up to that door
And your legs shake even more…

Wilson Street Serenade

Start my day off in the bedroom
I start my day by tryin’
To reclaim my own headroom
I start my day by lyin’

I stare into the bathroom mirror
And I fight to light a brand new fire
But all the sparks they drop like tears
‘Cause it’s your reflection I desire

Baby I miss you in the mornin’
I miss the sound of your voice singin’
I miss your kiss to start my day
I miss your evenin’ doorbell ringin’

In the kitchen with the papers
I try to focus on the headlines
But the only words I’m seeing there
Are the ones running through my mind


When I come home to my living room
I can’t stand to see myself just sitting
Since you walked out this ain’t no home
I’m survivin’ but I ain’t livin’
No this ain’t livin’
Baby I miss you in the mornin’…


Lovers and Friends

I had a hell of a half of a year
The levee came down
The lifeboat appeared
Four people rowed up and pulled me ashore
Now I don’t think I’m God or the devil anymore

And that’s how it is with lovers and friends
Neither the bliss nor the trouble will end
And that’s how it is
And that’s how it is
And that’s how it is
With lovers and friends

Brought me to shelter and sat me down
Cooked up a good meal
And took off my crown
They laughed like children who play at the fair
I’d never felt so sweet
And I’d never been so scared


Oh and sometimes they look angry
And I fear I’m falling backwards
But somehow when we take action
We’re free from the exact words

And that’s how it is
And that’s how it is
And that’s how it is
And that’s how it is
With lovers and friends
With lovers and friends
With lovers and friends
You got lovers and friends


Beautiful Child

God grant me the strength
To thank him for all he gave me
All I want is to hate him for saying goodbye
God if you would take
Take this worry from me
I would have a clearer way to fly

I have stood here before
I have stood at your door
But I never stood this close ‘til now
If you show me the way
If you show me I’ll stay
If you show me I’ll stay your beautiful child

I don’t mean to ask
Why why why
I just complicate the task
You make so plain
It’s not for me to know
Why some people seem to let you go
Or how you love them just the same


I know you won’t let me go
Why does it take so much pain sometimes just to know?


Tell Me This is Love

I don’t wanna see the gypsy
Look into her crystal ball
In her shop out on the boardwalk
Where she probably tells them all
“You will meet a handsome stranger.
It will be a lightning bolt from above”
I don’t need another jolt dear
Just tell me this is love

I don’t wanna see your mama
With a twinkle in her eye
‘Cause she’s dreamin’ bout our future
If she’s dreamin’ bout a lie
I just wanna see the roadside rollin’ by
And on the wheel God’s driving gloves
While you lean over to my side
And tell me this is love

All I want is something real
Oh but who can say what’s real?
All I got is what I feel
And I don’t wanna feel
I don’t wanna feel like stone
No no no no no no
So don’t leave me singin’ all alone
When your love could bring me home

I don’t wanna talk about it
If there’s nothing more to say
I don’t wanna be a martyr until my dying day
But baby if you got it
Boy if you believe in all this stuff
Push a little harder
And tell me this is love
Yeah honey if you want me
Boy if you believe that it’s enough
Sidle up and haunt me
And tell me this is love
Tell me this is love



I’ll remember the wisdom I took from you
On that morning I woke before the dew
In borrowed flat that overlooked the river
Where I gave you all a night girl could deliver
‘Cause your poetry and soft voice made me quiver
Your skin on my hands too

Off to Paris, or wherever the intellects call
Hey there baby, you know I’ve seen ‘em all
So don’t taunt me with your hazy words and merlot
I’ll be off to Detroit, Michigan tomorrow
And don’t think I’m carrying all that much sorrow
Or that much hope for you

I only get down when my love comes though
I only get down when there’s nothing else to do
Don’t pull me around
I’m a mess
I’m a fool
I’m a seven story wreck
But my love ain’t no lie
It’s just streaming out of check
The one thing I still know is how morning comes around
Out on the riverview

You could paint me the way the kingdom fell
Serenade me ‘bout a world gone straight to hell
Yeah but you won’t ask me who here is in danger
Or who in their own world feels like a stranger
Just get your wine and cheap dope from my manger
Your lips from my ears too


Well now baby, if the wishin’ could make it true
Would my heart be as covered and cold as you?
When I’m pounding on the table ‘til you’ll hold me
And I screamed for what I knew you’d never tell me
I know I took a lot out of you
But I could take a lot too

Like I took in your round face and your cologne
And those scribbled, crumpled notes that I took home
And some other things my heart just won’t condone
Alone on the riverview



Simple Love

I like it when the breeze blows
Through my doors and my windows
I like it ‘cause I don’t know the time

You’re the breeze comin’ to me
Feel the ease runnin’ through me
Like you already knew me
Oh my
I could travel the world, mining diamonds and pearls
Tell me what could I find
To compare to this simple love, so pure and fine
I got nothing to fear when you’re standing right here
With your smile so kind
Shared through simple love, yours and mine
Yours and mine

All the hours I spent so lost
All the years counting the cost
Don’t I know it’s a coin toss, this life?
When the world tries to chain me
Hold me down or restrain me
I know your love will save me from the lies



God’s plan
Is it like the scriptures say?
I am not a faith-filled man
But every dog must have it’s day

It can kill you as a rule
It’s the kindest acts that burn
Leave you feelin’ like a fool

I can never know all the pain I cause to you
How I changed your life
And now you’re changin’ my life too

Dry eyes
When you came to me your tears
Ran hot and free from lies
Teardrops I’d run from for years


And I cried just a little
Wondered why just a little
Felt surprised how you would haunt me
But when I drift from the light
It’s still you who makes me fight
To believe that you could want me

God’s plan
Is it like the scriptures say?
I am not a faith-filled man
But every dog must have it’s day

A Room of Your Own

Hear that clock tick,
The one above the kitchen door,
The one you picked up at a yard sale, long before

Still won’t stick
Been hanging crooked all this time
Kept you thinkin’ you had an extra hour to mind

There’s the wood floor
Where you would dance around the room
Thinkin’ every song every singer sang was sung for you
On the stereo
Well it’s kind of dusty now
Every time you go to turn it on, you turn around

You’re in an empty house
You’re feelin’ all alone
You’re quiet as a mouse
You hear the shudders groan
And he’s not comin’ back
It’s time to find your own way home
In a room of your own

Foreign movie
You don’t know what it was about
But you stopped tryin’ after some time to figure out
Why these blue jeans
The ones you’ve almost thrown away
Still remind you of the words he couldn’t say


Don’t give up on your dreams ‘cause they’re the best you’ve got
Don’t let their schemes make you believe you’re not
You can love a lot



Unwritten Song

I can see that you’ve been cryin’
From your lowered eyes
And your puffy cheeks
I can see how hard you’re tryin’
Tryin’ to keep it in
Tryin’ not to speak

I know it’s not always easy
To say the words
When you’re unsure yourself
But the very words you fear the most
Might be beautiful to someone else

I wanna hear your unwritten song
I wanna be here to sing along
To the words you don’t say
When you think them anyway
I wanna see your omitted scenes
I wanna watch while your dream gets dreamed
Watch and listen on replay
To your unwritten song

On the days when you’ve got nothing left
I wanna help you ask
“Now what is next?”
And help you feel you have a choice to make
To make this life yours
For heaven’s sake

In the times when your pulse races
Like the moment the batter hits the ball
And runs all four bases
I want their cheers to get to you
I wanna help you ask
“What are the great things I can do?”