Hearing My Calling

calling inage.jpg

This year I heard my calling. My voice is strong - not just my throat muscles or my lung power,

but the words they are forming. I am powerful. I have gone from avoiding the news to being able (usually) to hear it as a painful reminder shouted through a bullhorn. It screams, "this world needs love and healing!". Guess what I'm good at? Love. I'm good at giving love. 

This year I've learned the question is not "how can I personally fix it all right now?" Or "How can I be perfect at what's required of me?" It's "What can I do from a place of love IN THIS MOMENT?" There is always something; when I tune into my intuition/higher power/God and pray, "What? How?", when I listen to the answer. Mostly, I hear I should write, use my words and voice to sing what I feel, use the gifts I was blessed with to help people open to their own hearts, their own power. 

You, beautiful soul reading this, YOU have POWER; YOU have SO MUCH POWER; I am saying this because I am looking at you with my heart fully open to my own POWER. We can heal and save this place, and we need each other to do it. I believe this because I have seen people change profoundly; I have changed. Saying this right now? Feels vulnerable, crazy and right. 

I am deeply grateful to everyone who played music with all their hearts this year, anywhere in the world. I am grateful for people who came to my shows, who went to any show and let someone's music move them and give them a little more strength and hope. I'm grateful to everyone who hosted Mike June and me, grateful to Mike and my family and friends and mentors for supporting me and allowing me to support them, grateful to every stranger who smiled at me this year or allowed me to smile at them. It all counts, doesn't it? Every bit of human kindness. I am grateful to be alive.

I look forward to a new year of more music, more love.