Thank You Ireland and UK Fans!


I am one of those people who always think that whatever is happening right this moment is how it will be forever. You can imagine easily how this can cause problems in day to day life – if things are going badly, it can feel like there will never be any hope again and it will never change. If things are going great, I have the ability to fly off into a sort of mania and become disconnected from reality all together.

On stage though, I have found this immediacy has been a gift. What I'm feeling is real and no one can argue with me. If they do I can't hear them! What is right now is forever. I can honor it and release it and celebrate the contradictions, truly feel the entire moment.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the people who helped me to arrange this Ireland/UK tour, including @Michael Chang, Paul McGee , Nigel Martyn, Jim Sellick, Christina Humphries and Paul Kemp. Thank you to the promoters for giving me a place to unleash the tiger. Thank you to Siobhan Begley & Mark & Danu and especially to everyone who came out and listen and spoke to me after the shows. I very much look forward to returning! And thank you to my man, Mike June for welcoming me home with open arms. 

Thank you to Paul Kemp for this picture of me with the cats at The Greys in Brighton. I will always be a crazy cat lady in the depths of my soul.